10 reasons to come

Challenge yourself: extend your skills and build something from nothing in the space of a weekend

Startup Weekend is where entrepreneurs, developers, and designers get together to form new businesses in 54 hours of inspiration, perspiration, collaboration, and fun. We attract people with all skill levels in a friendly, welcoming, yet challenging environment.

You’ll be tested to your limits and beyond during the weekend. You’ll also learn lots, make new friends, and have loads of fun.

1. Learn the principles and tools of Lean Startup

Lean Startup is the modern theory behind building a startup. Lean Canvas, problem/solution fit, minimal viable product, validation… experience is the best teacher and there’s no faster way to learn it than Startup Weekend.


The power of teams to build a bespoke solution  from scratch over a weekend is phenomenal.  I met so many amazingly talented people.
– Rochelle Alder, developer at Devol


2. Design and build something in the space of  a weekend

Starting a business and building some product in 54 hours might sound crazy, but what about doing some research, finding some customers and even making some sales? It seems close to impossible, but we see it each and every Startup Weekend. You’ll be amazed what’s possible with a great team in a high-energy environment.

3. Meet useful contacts, potential co-founders, or just new friends

Startup Weekend is all about the people. You’ll work with business types, developers, designers, and mix with a whole range of specialist mentors and investors. One of the things we love most about Startup Weekend is that it brings the whole ecosystem together, united by a common love of making stuff and building our startup community.

4. Develop your rapid prototyping skills

To build a business in 54 hours you need to move fast. How your team works is up to you, but rapid prototyping is a key aspect of efficient product development. Whether you’re running Agile, Lean UX or something completely different, this is your chance to experiment with new approaches and broaden your skills.

5. Pitch that idea you’ve had in the back of your mind

Have you got an idea that you keep meaning to do something about? Bring it to Startup Weekend and find out if it has legs. Pitching to a room of potential co-founders is not only a powerful experience that you’ll never forget, but it’s also a great way to meet talented people with similar interests.

6. Take some new programming language or tools out for a spin

How often have you wished you could try out some new tech in your day job? AngularJS? Ruby? Node.js? Do what you want, how you want, and have a blast learning along the way.

7. Get coached by world-class tech mentors

You’ll have a range of technical mentors available if you want them. People like Matthew Miller from Mogul, and Mike Del Prete from trademe.

8. Start something that makes a difference

Every startup needs to make money, but increasingly we’re seeing businesses also interested in making a difference. Social enterprise is taking off globally, and Startup Weekend is just as useful for launching businesses aimed at social or environmental impact.

9. Step outside your box – get a taste of the business/design side

Most people end up going multidisciplinary at Startup Weekend. Ever wanted to try branding? Or customer research? Or what about UI design? Or how about presenting the final pitch to the judges? What you do is totally up to you, and no one is limited by the DEVELOPER label on their name tag.

10. Have more fun making stuff with cool people

Startup Weekend takes you on an unforgettable roller coaster with a team of passionate, like-minded individuals.  Making stuff is great, and making stuff that matters with people you want to work with is even better.

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